Performance Evaluation

  1. Allocating Marketing Resources (HBS Working Paper Mar/2008)
  2. Adding Time To Activity-Based Costing (HBS Working Knowledge 04/11/2007)
  3. Checking The Dashboard (The Chronicle of Philanthropy 10/12/2006)
  4. Measuring Performance in Services (The McKinsey Quarterly 02/15/2006)
  5. Measuring Up:  Using Metrics Effectively (CFO Magazine June/2007)
  6. Overmeasuring Our Way To Management (Business Week 02/02/2010)
  7. Pay Daze:  Linking Pay To Performance Is Harder Than It Looks ( Dec/2006)
  8. Playing Favorites:  CEO as Chief Profitability Officer ( 01/01/2009)
  9. The Last Mile:  Why Is It So Hard To Engage Line Managers in Budgeting? (CFO Magazine Jan/2007)
  10. Use a Rolling Forecast To Spot Trends (HBS Working Knowledge 03/13/2006)
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